Harry Woodgate comes to visit

Well yesterday afternoon was quite special indeed!

The wonderful talent that is Harry Woodgate visited the shop and shared their magic to create our fabulous new window display based on the book "Little Glow".

Little Glow is a picture book written by Katie Sahota, illustrated by Harry Woodgate and published by the wonderful Owlett Press and follows the journey of a solo little flame watching the many ways different communities celebrate light throughout the year.

This book is wonderfully inclusive and an absolute joy to read. Beautiful illustrations and poetic writing combine to give the reader all the winter feels.

It's been another difficult year in the world for families not being able to spend time with loved ones. I know we've felt it and I'm sure you all have too. This book is one of hope and of love. One that takes you by the hand and lets you into the secret that everything is going to be ok. Families will still come together to celebrate, the stars will still shine and communities will continue to defy the odds and become stronger together.

I think the last line beautifully sums this book up so I'll leave you with it...

"It's okay to go slow. Take a moment and know, all you need is the light from a small Little Glow".

Little Glow is one of our top Christmas Picks for 2021. Pop in this week and you might even be lucky enough to get your hands on a signed copy.

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